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How to build a house for the child

Children love to build a different kind of "seekers" of everything that comes their way. It is necessary to support the desire of the crumbs have a fabulous secluded area and build a child bright and cheerful house-tent, which will be appropriate both at home and at the cottage.

How to build a house for the child

You will need:

Dense tissue (plaschevka), thread, scissors, a strip of material for ruffles, tulle, fastener, inlay, hoop-base ring, foam, glue spider

Instruction how to build a house for the child

Step 1:

From the dense material (best taken plaschevka: she pours and can not handle the seams) should be cut out of four parts for the upper part of the house - in the form of large trapezoids, rounded bottom - and four parts for the bottom - in the form of small triangles, also rounded. The lower parts is to stitch together the longitudinal edges. We obtain a truncated cone. Upper elements should make, to get a cone hat tent. Then you need to sew the top to the bottom of the house.

Step 2:

For frills necessary to take two long strips of cloth (with reserve). They need to be folded right sides. Then you need to mark out frill, stitch, close to the line to cut allowances and release. From fabric strips need to make a loop and thread the ring in it. All four small cone should be stitched together by inserting the loop. After the loop and frill should be sewn to the cone.

Step 3:

The carcass may be hoop-hulahup diameter of about 50 cm. It can be mounted strings that are sewn into the upper seam area from the wrong side.

Step 4:

Now it's time to cut the house entrance. Because it is necessary to carve two tulle curtains and tack them lapped over the tent door. Each side should tack drawstring curtain. Over the need to sew a broad oblique Bakey (strip, manufactured by the seam for decoration) from the tissue.

Step 5:

For manufacturing costs gender two cut fabric circle diameter of 1 m. In the following should be 3/4 stitch using tape, which was previously necessary to attach the pieces of Velcro. Inside you need to insert foam. Then you need to sew up the remaining quarter. The bottom of the tent is recommended to sheathe inlay, which also should be "attach" Velcro. Velcro will hold the tent on the perimeter of the floor.