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How to buy diapers

Pampers - a disposable diaper in the vernacular. One of the best inventions of mankind, created to help not only young parents, but also as a means of hygiene for the seriously ill, infirm old people, as well as astronauts, submariners, divers and high altitude during long operations.

How to buy diapers

Instruction how to buy diapers

Step 1:

Acquisition of diapers will not be difficult if you have chosen a company-manufacturer of disposable diapers, as well as know the weight of a child or an adult. You just have to visit a store specializing in the sale of children's products, or pharmacy, and buy your chosen product.

Step 2:

In the Russian market quite a wide list of manufacturers of disposable diapers. Among them the most popular are the American, Swedish, Japanese and Polish producers. The most well-known brands of disposable diapers for children are Pampers, Huggies, Libero, Moony, GooN and Merries, and for adults Seni.

Step 3:

Selection of the company-manufacturer of disposable diapers is quite different and depends on the requirements of diapers (eg, impregnation of the inner layer of a special cream), the ability to buy and, of course, personal tolerance (skin irritation, etc.). It is better to buy a few different brands of diapers and then choose the most suitable.

Step 4:

Manufacturers of disposable diapers for children mark their weight: for premature; for newborns; 3.7 kg; 5.10 kg; 9-18 kg; 10-20 kg; 15-25 kg. Therefore, going to the store for diapers, just find out what the child's weight and take always with a reserve. Diapers for adults as there are four types: S (50-80sm); M (70-110sm); L (100-150sm) and XL (120-164sm).

Step 5:

Child Sex is not important when choosing disposable diapers, since most manufacturers produce generic diapers, equally suitable both girls and boys. There are, however, and "unisex" diapers, which differ from each other only by an absorbent layer located within the diaper which is responsible for the conversion of the moisture trapped in the gel: it is for the boy in the front portion of the article, and for girls - in the middle.