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How to calculate the dangerous days

The menstrual cycle of women is safe and unsafe days. Dangerous and safe days - days in which conception can occur, and in that it is completely eliminated. Many women are interested in the scheme for calculating the dangerous days.

How to calculate the dangerous days

Instruction how to calculate the dangerous days

Step 1:

To determine which days of the cycle, to engage in unprotected sex is dangerous, need to know the day of ovulation. During this period the mature egg leaves the ovary and enters the uterus. Life expectancy is about the egg per day. If it meets with sperm, conception will take place at this time. In order to identify the time of ovulation, you should pay attention to the basal temperature (measured in the rectum), vaginal discharge and cervical position.

Step 2:

Measures the basal temperature every morning, without getting up from bed. Enter a thermometer into the rectum at 5 cm. Readings are taken after about 10 minutes. On ordinary days, the temperature did not exceed 37 degrees. Day on the eve of its increase is the ovulation date.

Step 3:

Look for vaginal discharge. When menstruation occurs dryness, a few days later the mucus appears white or yellowish. But closer to ovulation, it thins and becomes a watery transparent mass. After ovulation takes place, the discharge becomes thick and less abundant.

Step 4:

After menstruation the cervix feels on a daily basis to determine its position. Normally it is solid, planar and closed. But in the period of ovulation the cervix is ​​undergoing major changes - it becomes soft, flabby, and rises and opens.

Step 5:

Take the number of constituting the total length of the menstrual cycle and subtract 11, then subtract another 8. The resulting number will be the date of the first dangerous day. Then add the resulting number 8 and get the date of the last days dangerous. The central span of the same number and a date of ovulation. For example, a cycle length of 28 days. Count: 08/11/28 = 9 (in the ninth day of the cycle - the first of the dangerous days). Then add: 9 + 8 = 17 (the seventeenth day of the cycle - the last of dangerous). Now find the ovulation date: 17-4 = 9 + 4 = 13 (the thirteenth day of the cycle most propitious for conception). Count cycle time should be carried out on the first day of menstruation.

Step 6:

Ensure lasting at least six menstrual cycles (cycles since most women have irregular). Subtract from 11 days in the amount of your continuous cycles (for the safety net can be subtracted from 8 to 11 days). In this way, you define the last of the dangerous days in your menstrual cycle. From the number of days in the shortest of your menstrual cycle, subtract 18 (can err and subtract 19-21 days). This will help you determine the first of the dangerous days of the cycle.