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How to calculate the growth of the child

Already more than one generation of parents concerned about the question, what will be the growth of the child, when he becomes an adult. The growth of children is necessary to keep both parents and doctors. To do this, the children until adolescence, need to undergo regular examinations and measure your height.

How to calculate the growth of the child

Instruction how to calculate the growth of the child

Step 1:

To calculate the future growth of the baby, use the formula: take the growth Pope, fold it with the growth of my mother, divide the total by two, add 9 cm for a boy or subtract 3 cm for girls. But the result is not always obtained precise.

Step 2:

Note that to calculate the growth of the child at 100% is impossible, because there are several factors that affect the growth process of development. Be aware that most of the future growth of the child inherits from their parents. Experts say that the growth-genetic category, so growth of the baby may inherit from grandparents.

Step 3:

Keep in mind that the child's growth may affect smoking and drinking alcohol a pregnant woman. Despite the fact that the child's growth is mainly determined by genetic formulas, expectant mothers abstain from bad habits, so as not to interfere with the little crumbs, to develop properly. In addition, smoking and alcohol causes intoxication, that is poisoning the body. It is because of this child through the placenta receives less oxygen and nutrients that are necessary for the development and growth of the baby.

Step 4:

Do not forget that the growth of the child are subject to change, that is, if a child is born with low weight, it does not mean that it will always be small. In that case, if the baby is genetically programmed to become a high-hero, he becomes them, especially if you do not face a child with a serious illness. Slow growth of the child may toxicosis, viral infections and poor nutrition during pregnancy, complicated hereditary chromosomal abnormalities or bone malformations.

Step 5:

Please note that some sports may hinder the development of the child's growth, so more reasonable allocation of physical activity will help the child's body to develop harmoniously.