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How to calculate the pregnancy calendar

As soon as a woman learns that soon become a mother, she immediately raises many questions. When will the delivery time, how to eat and what kind of life to lead in each week of pregnancy, what happens to the baby in a given period - these issues come to a head expectant mothers daily. To answer these questions, there are online services that are designed to establish and maintain their own pregnancy calendar.

How to calculate the pregnancy calendar

Instruction how to calculate the pregnancy calendar

Step 1:

Select the Internet service you are comfortable to conduct interactive pregnancy calendar. Proposals are many, choose one of those that you like the best. In addition to calculating the delivery dates, maternity leave and other options in this calendar you can find out what's going on with the baby at this time and see how it looks. Of course, it is conditional, it really is possible to see the child only on ultrasound. But it is still important to have at least a general idea.

Step 2:

The selected service will fill your personal data is necessary. Enter three parameters: the first day of the last menstrual period, the duration of the whole cycle and the duration of the second phase. These data are entered to determine the date of conception, upon which your pregnancy calendar and will be calculated.

Step 3:

The average cycle time, calculate the last three months. To do this, add up the three cycles, the day of the onset of menstruation to the first day of the subsequent, and divide by 3. The average duration of the second phase is considered from the moment of ovulation to menstruation. It usually lasts for 2 weeks, but there are exceptions. In this case, the calculation of lead based on the ovulatory test data, measurement of basal body temperature or ultrasound findings.

Step 4:

After entering all data, the program will generate your personal pregnancy calendar. He is represented in the form of weekly pages where you will find all necessary information about the growth and development of the child. Calendar will tell you when you need to pass a standard examination, which features well-being await you at this stage of pregnancy, what signs to pay attention, etc. With it, learn how to eat and what kind of life to lead. In other words, a pregnancy calendar will help you find answers to most of your questions.