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How to calculate the weight of the fetus

You can not wait to know how your baby grows in the stomach? Or there are serious concerns that it is too large (or small)? In order to solve any doubt, there are several ways to check the weight of the fetus.

How to calculate the weight of the fetus

Instruction how to calculate the weight of the fetus

Step 1:

Find out in the antenatal clinic, which see their pregnancies, there is a possibility to do ultrasound examination in order to ascertain the weight of the fetus. Express your concerns or doubts of the attending physician. If due to some reasons (lack of adequate equipment, continuous recording or others.) In your consultation you can not offer to go study, refer to the other medical facility that offers the required service. It is important that you obtain reliable information about the quality of the studies (specialist qualification, compliance with the requirements of the equipment). Only in this case you can be sure to get accurate information. In any case, remember that the results referred to in the study of fetal weight may not be accurate. The difference may be about 200 grams in one direction or another. In case of insufficient qualification ultrasound specialist or obsolete equipment, the error may exceed 400-500 grams, and even kilogram, which calls into question the usefulness of the study on the question of the weight of the unborn child.

Step 2:

Do not despair if, because of some reason to find out the weight of the fetus by ultrasound impossible. To help you come to proven formulas for calculating its weight in size pregnant (namely on the basis of data on the magnitude of abdominal circumference and the height of standing uterus). We present here the most common formuly.Yakubovoy: MP = (M-C) / 4 Lebedev: MP = F * C Stroykova: MP = ((H: S) - (R * C)) / 2. Babadagly: MP = F * (C-T) / 2 wherein MP - fruit weight; F - abdominal circumference in centimeters; C - height of standing uterus, measuring tape measured in cm; T - the height of standing uterus, intentional tazomera cm; In - body weight in kg pregnant; And - mass index Stroykova (when a woman's body mass of 51 kg, it is 15; 51-53 kg - 16: 54-56 -17 kg, 57-62 kg - 18; 63-65 kg - 19; 66-73 kg - 20; 74-81 kg - 21; 82 kg or more - 22).

Step 3:

Remember that the weight of the fetus, which shows the bonds-study or calculation by the formulas corresponds to the weight of your child at this time. But with each subsequent day of pregnancy (her last month) will increase by 27-32 grams.