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How to calm the naughty child

More recently, the child was docile and obedient, and now he does not know. Solid whims, often grow into whole tantrums occur not only at home but also on the street, at a party, in the store. Parents are lost, not knowing what to do.

How to calm the naughty child

Instruction how to calm naughty child

Step 1:

The first whims, as an inevitable stage of the baby growing up, there he is about two years. Remember that the manner in which you elect to deal with the vagaries, depends largely on the character formation of the child and, therefore, its future.

Step 2:

First of all, try to find out the cause of a whim. The main reasons - four. The first - the baby is not feeling well. At crumbs something hurts, but he can not complain of pain, because it still does not understand how to explain it. In this case, talk to the crumbs and try to figure out what was happening to him. Perhaps the child needs medical attention.

Step 3:

The second reason is the desire to attract attention, that the baby was missing. No other way to do it, he just does not know. Even if you have plenty of other cases, and naughty baby several times a day, talk to him. It is important for the child that you have heard it. You will see how his tantrums come to naught because the crumb will understand that you love him. You never call a child's "naughty" or "bad." This will only aggravate the situation. Scarce need you to love, not accusations.

Step 4:

The third reason whims - blackmail. The child knew that a loud roar and tears from parents can achieve a lot, and began to actively use this knowledge. No offense to the kid, because you blame yourself, time does not stand firm, began to indulge the child in everyone. But remember that the hardness - it is not part of the punishment and categorical prohibitions, and the conversation with the kid "from the heart". No crying, calmly explain to your child that you do not allow him to get on a high hill, because with it you can fall and hit hard, not because they do not want, so it was fun. To keep crumbs from violent manifestations of feelings in the store, pre-negotiate terms with him. For example: "We are going to the store for milk and bread, nothing else to buy, this time we will not. I know you're upset. Promise me you will not cry anymore. "

Step 5:

The fourth reason - excessive parental care. Remember that the deprivation of the child's self-sufficiency in most cases and is a major cause of children's whims. Do not dictate permanent child how to behave: "Do not touch the dirty cat!" Do not go in the pool, "etc.! Of course, you are acting with the best intentions, but the baby does not understand the reasons for the ban, because you do not explain anything. Scarce becomes very upset and he resists. Do not break into crumbs rod independence, making it limp and weak. Do not forbid your child everything. Give him the opportunity to gain their own experience, having filled a couple of cones. When forbid the child that you can not really (dangerous to life and health), clearly explain the reason for the ban.

Step 6:

If the baby does not want to listen to any explanation, stubborn, insisting on her, do not go on concessions and show rigor. When you see that the crumb is about to arrange a tantrum, distract him as soon as possible: try to switch his attention, tell us something interesting to play with him. Tell your child how you grieve his whims. In no case do not fight with them all their adult authority, so as not to injure the psyche of the child. Keeping in mind that the vagaries - an inevitable stage of development of your crumbs, get them the right way.