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How to calm the nervous system of the child

What if the child is too active, can not sit still for a minute, constantly cries or capricious, and most importantly, exhausting all around his nervous behavior? To punish, to give permanent cuffs? But so far, and to intimidate the child. So, he will be afraid to take a step to the side. Where is the exit?

How to calm the nervous system of the child

Instruction how to calm the nervous system of the child

Step 1:

Walk in the fresh air for at least thirty minutes a day. Give your child during this walk properly tired with running, shout, let off steam. Walk barefoot on the grass together, it is a wonderful remedy for neurosis and emotional overstimulation. Get a dog that was always a reason to walk before bedtime. Take it with you and your child. Let him keep the dog on a leash. At least some responsibility to contribute to a baby's calm demeanor and ability to concentrate.

Step 2:

Record excessive rolling of the child in the sports section. Suitable Section athletics, football, basketball, horse riding. Let vent their energy in sports. Then your house will come the long-awaited peace and quiet. If the sports clubs for some reason it is not your option, play with it in outdoor games in the backyard or on the beach. Volleyball, rounders, hide and seek, catch-up. Engage in the game the other guys.

Step 3:

Purchase a subscription to the pool, walk with the baby for a massage (or do it themselves to each other). It will promote relaxation, harmonization of the psychological state of your child. You can try herbal medicinal baths.

Step 4:

Drink tea with mint or lemon balm. There will also be effective infusions Motherwort and valerian. Or during the week, let your baby before bedtime cup of hot water, stir it before this three teaspoons of honey. Other sweet is better to limit with such therapy. Hot drink with honey normalizes sleep your baby, soothe the nerves.

Step 5:

If the child's nervousness connected with his spoiled, you can apply the method of "social therapy". In other words, give the child to a certain group - children's choir, sports section, a kindergarten, invite to his birthday guys from the yard. Socializing with other children will help him to realize that he is not the only child in the world - there are other children and make friends with them, you have to respect them.