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How to calm your nerves during pregnancy

Nervous system - a control center of the whole organism. During gestation baby woman crumbs associated with the most robust in the world of communication. Nutrition, respiration and growth of the child come by the expectant mother. Any change in her lifestyle automatically affects the development of the baby. A pregnant woman is often subject to sharp changes of mood, not resistant to stresses, are constantly worried about their child. To little to calm the nerves during pregnancy, you can take anti-anxiety medication based on natural and herbal decoctions.

How to calm your nerves during pregnancy

Instruction how to calm your nerves during pregnancy

Step 1:

Mix one teaspoon of herb meliscy and one teaspoon of orange peel. Pour mixture glass of boiled water and close tightly. Let sit for ten minutes, strain, add one teaspoon of tincture of valerian drug pharmacy. Take one glass twice a day with honey.

Step 2:

Take equal parts meliscy grass, leaves of mint and marjoram. Six tablespoons collection pour a liter of boiling water and leave to infuse in a thermos for eight hours. Take one glass three times a day for half an hour before meals.

Step 3:

Pour two tablespoons of crushed valerian rhizomes with roots cup boiling water. Take two tablespoons four times a day.

Step 4:

Take tincture pharmacy peony root three times a day, one teaspoon.

Step 5:

Take equal parts flowers of hawthorn blood-red, rhizomes and roots of Valeriana officinalis, meliscy leaves, the fruit of barberry. One tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water and let stand until cool. Take one glass twice daily.

Step 6:

Mix twenty grams of peppermint leaves, flowers of lavender, chamomile and valerian rhizomes and roots. Pour two tablespoons of the mixture cup boiling water and leave to infuse for fifteen minutes. Drink the broth in small sips throughout the day.

Step 7:

Grind two tablespoons of hop cones, pour two cups of boiling water, let it brew and strain. Take half a cup three times a day for twenty minutes before a meal.

Step 8:

Pour hundred grams of crushed hawthorn berries two glasses of water, simmer on low heat for thirty minutes, then cool and strain. Take one hundred milliliters three times daily after meals.

Step 9:

Take valerian rhizomes with roots and hop cones in equal proportions, pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew. Drink tea with honey at night.

Step 10:

Breathe in the smell of valerian or valerian root tincture.