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How to captivate children reading

Parents trying to teach your baby to read as soon as possible, often forget that motivation is more important than technical skill. It is necessary that the child liked to read, and if he knows how to do it - not so significant, fixable. First, try to inspire reading, to instill love for him.

How to captivate children reading

Instruction how to captivate children reading

Step 1:

For your child to love books, try to captivate his verbal creativity, the language before he learns to read. Play with him in the game "Guess-ka!" For example, like this: "It is like a piece of cheese - what is it?" (Month); "They are like shining sparks" (Snowflake); "Who is Ryzhkov?" (Protein: it is not white, and red!). Inventing words that are not in the language, the comparison - is the artistic means used by writers. A child who has mastered them before the independent reading will feel in the world of books at home.

Step 2:

Do not miss the time when the child enthusiastically and aggressively seek to become acquainted with all new: toy, book. For kids, purchase books with large print, beautiful and realistic illustrations. The perception of the plot and verbal skills are closely related with the impression that make all the favorite images of children. If you can not go to determine who is depicted in the picture - a dog or a mouse, put an instance.

Step 3:

Make a book in the house were always available to the child. Equip a special place, a small bookcase or cabinet, that the baby could use their own (get and put in his books) at any time.

Step 4:

Even when your child learn to read himself, read aloud to him. Joint with a toddler reading - the process of creative and exciting, even for a moment, returning to the world of his own childhood. Reading, think about an important fact forgotten by, stop for a "very interesting" place and ask the child to continue on their own. Freed, ask about what happened next (you, too, are very interested to know).

Step 5:

Start the tradition of reading together at night, on the road, traveling in a queue in a children's clinic. Share your thoughts with your child about the read, discuss the actions of heroes (why one or the other did so, and not otherwise, what could have happened if ...). Encourage your child to read a favorite book of your childhood, compare your experiences.

Step 6:

Go to the bookstore together. Buy the book, which the child chooses himself, even if it would be comic. Do not force him to read books only of your choice or the school curriculum.

Step 7:

Be the main infectious example for the child - see for yourself.