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How to carry a child in a stroller

Before young mummy gets a lot of questions: how to feed, how to dress, how to care for an infant. And walking in the street cause fear: our streets, and the climate is not very adapted for comfort and long walks. But here, a lot depends on what type of stroller you have chosen. After all, for each stage of growing up need a new or adapted 'transport', in which the baby is comfortable and safe.

How to carry a child in a stroller

Instruction how to carry a child in a stroller

Step 1:

For the first purchase walks newborn stroller-bassinet. In the cradle the baby will be comfortable to lie, it does not sell, you can close the top cover and mosquito net. When choosing a stroller note on the chassis - the material from which it is made, whether it is durable, does not creak. For cradles have another important selection criterion. The newborn should be facing you. You always have to see if he, if his face covered with a blanket handy, if he and others srygnul. It is very difficult otlezhivat such times through a window in the hood strollers.

Step 2:

The greatest attention to the wheels. If a baby is born in the spring and in the fall you transplant it into a stroller, wheel size value has not already. But for the children who will be closer to winter, it is better to find a stroller with big, wide wheels with inflatable better. On this carriage you do not get stuck in snowdrifts.

Step 3:

If you buy a pram two in one - a cradle and recreational unit, in which the child will ride up to three years, choose the model only on large wheels. Otherwise, you will have the winter to buy another stroller.

Step 4:

Before putting the baby in the cradle, having spread a mattress in a special carriage (there can be included), and a diaper. But the baby pillow, as in the crib, do not need. In the winter, first put in the stroller a fur envelope.

Step 5:

Learn how to rock the baby. In no case do not shake the wheelchair - in children have not yet developed the vestibular apparatus, such pitching negative impact on it. It is better to roll the stroller back and forth rhythmic, but not sharp movements.

Step 6:

Grown up child walking in transplant unit. It's interesting to look at the world, and the rest stroller allows you to adjust the slope. Therefore, at any time, you can put your baby to sleep. The strollers provided a seat belt. Make it a rule always to wear a child. Even if you think that the crumb is still no matter what is not capable, you will not notice as he stretched forward sharply, may fall. Do not drive the wheelchair if the child is in it.

Step 7:

To travel, choose lightweight folding wheelchair. These strollers fold at the touch, weigh little, can easily fit a car trunk and they can take on board the aircraft. And most importantly - on a wheelchair, you can easily go to the supermarket and even in the interior of public transport. There are buggies that do not have the front bumper, and therefore are not suitable for children who are not yet able to sit up unaided. Such wheelchairs are very small wheels, which makes them suitable only in the warmer months.