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How to carry the baby plane

The plane - a convenient and fast means of transport, especially if you are traveling with a child. Take care in advance about the things that will be useful to you in the cabin and make the child as comfortable and enjoyable flight.

How to carry the baby plane

You will need:

- spare clothes for the child; - Drinking water and food; - Wet wipes, disposable diapers; - Toys, books.

Instruction how to carry the baby plane

Step 1:

When registering at the airport ticket warn the registrar that you are traveling with a child. Depending on the age of the kid pick up a convenient place. For moms with babies prominent place at the beginning of the cabin, to the child could be placed in a special cradle fastened to the wall.

Step 2:

Collect a small bag with all the necessary things for a child that may be needed during the flight. Take extra clothes in case the kid sweat or shed the liquid, or he happens vomiting. During the flight in the aircraft is air-conditioned, and the temperature in the cabin can be quite cool. Take this case a warm jacket.

Step 3:

Take wipes, and if the child is small, grab a few diapers and diaper for diapering. For the older child, take a one-time pad on the toilet.

Step 4:

Take drinking water and necessary food for the baby. If you are traveling with a baby who is breastfed, give the baby the breast during takeoff and landing. This will help to avoid unpleasant pressure in the ears of the crumbs. The child will need to mixed feeding bottle with a pre-poured into her dry mixture and a thermos with hot water. If necessary, you can ask for water from the conductors. For an older baby, take cookies, crackers or an apple. Do not feed your baby close during the flight.

Step 5:

Think what you will entertain your baby during the flight. Babies difficult to sit for a long time in one place. Take a pair of your favorite or new toys, books. If you take a laptop into the cabin, you can enable the child cartoons. These entertainment need, and in the case of poor tolerability of the flight. If your baby is experiencing discomfort, it nauseated, dizzy, try to distract him, tell a story, play a game.

Step 6:

Remember that your peace of mind during the flight soothe the baby and make your trip enjoyable!