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How to celebrate a birthday in a year

Soon your baby turns one year old. This is a very important event in the life of the crumbs and his parents. And do not listen when you say that it is still small and will not be able to assess the significance of the holiday. The first day of birth of the baby is necessary to fill in an emotionally positive moments, which will give an impetus to its development. On a day the child is charged by your great mood, and will feel happy.

How to celebrate a birthday in a year

Instruction how to celebrate a birthday in a year

Step 1:

Think of the day schedule. Before the holiday, try to put the birthday child to sleep or lie down with him. Then the crumbs, and you have to keep forces for the holiday. Feed the baby of the food to which he is accustomed. Sometimes children do not want to eat in front of others, and it is not necessary to feed adult food. And if the baby is fed, the festive meal for his guests not interested.

Step 2:

In advance make a list of family members and very close friends with whom your child is familiar. Even better, if your friends have a baby. Children will find a common language with each other, and at the same time your child will get a lot of experience, watching the younger guests. If you can, then acquaint baby with future guests in advance to see if he wants to talk at all with these people. Attention is unfamiliar visitors can tire birthday. He starts to act up or vice versa, is closed. Clowns can also scare, and the kid will not be able to evaluate the festive presentation.

Step 3:

On the eve of the holiday, is a pipsqueak sleeping, it is necessary to decorate the house. At the level of growth birthday hang multicolored ribbons, beads, colorful posters. On the floor, spread a warm blanket for the little guests. At the head of the table put adult children's high chair. Cook in a separate location toys, you will gradually spread, or the end of the feast will play nothing. Think contests and entertainment, pick up the music. And prepare a large sheet of paper and ink. Tomorrow is the birthday boy draws his first artistic masterpiece.

Step 4:

Before the feast teach kids blow out the candle, the task difficult, but doable, even with developmental effect.

Step 5:

Cook about a new toy bed. Meet the crumbs in the morning a pleasant smile, a pleasant massage, feed breakfast, and then prepared to consider a holiday room. While the guests did not come, take the child by viewing and reading books, designer, drawing.

Step 6:

During the holiday together, expand the gifts to the child. According to the rules of etiquette gift takes place in the presence of a guest, and then you have time to thank him.

Step 7:

It ends with a celebration cake removal. Birthday blow out the candles can help parents. Remember that children may not have enough forces on the entertainment you cooked. Act according to their mood. After seeing the guests, walk with the baby in the fresh air, that his calm, and birthday will be harder to sleep.