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How to celebrate the 1 year baby

The first birthday of the child becomes the result of his achievements over the past year. During this time, the baby has learned to sit, stand, got the first teeth and learned to take the first steps. As a rule, the holiday celebrated in the circle of friends, relatives and acquaintances. But it happens that the birthday is performed in the circle of his own family. How to celebrate a child's birthday, that he remembered for the rest of your life?

How to celebrate the 1 year baby

You will need:

Cardboard, glue, paint, water, brushes, glitter, food, balloons, pictures, drawing paper, souvenirs.

Instruction how to celebrate 1 year baby

Step 1:

Start by inviting guests to the feast. You can make them yourself improvised or use the services of companies specializing in holding children's parties. At the prompt you need to specify the time, venue name day, and put the baby pictures. You can bring to the manufacture of baby invitations that on the reverse side, using finger paints can leave imprints of their pens. On the invitation cards can be summarized text in verse form. They are decorated using glitter and glue, tapes, drawings.

Step 2:

Think about how you will arrange the room where you plan to hold the event. Use balloons with various patterns, you can choose the theme of some cartoon or simply choose a different color products.

Step 3:

In the design of the posters are often used, which can also be manufactured with the help of improvised means and baby pictures, in addition, these posters can be ordered from the printing house. On a large sheet of paper, place a few pictures with the image of the baby, write his achievements over the past year, the schedule of growth and change in weight baby. Leave room for the guests could write wishes for the future child.

Step 4:

The menu is based on the number of guests and the duration of the planned birthday. Firstly, be guided on how many children will be among the guests, as well as adults. It is necessary to find out in advance the tastes and preferences. Some children suffer from allergies, therefore, setting the table, you need to take into account the preferences of each of them. Pre-buy baby puree, juice and cookies.

Step 5:

Adult Develop menu in its sole discretion. You can organize a buffet or a full dinner with a set of snacks, salads and hot dishes. Be sure to prepare the cake. It can bake and decorate their own wishes or order in a candy store. Cake's first birthday can be prepared in the form of fish, train, boat, gazebo with toys, and so on. You can not limit your imagination.

Step 6:

For the baby cake is baked separately or made from children's biscuits. Sandwiches cream cheese or mashed baby. Importantly, do not forget to put in the middle of this birthday cake single candle, which a child can blow out with your help.

Step 7:

To prepare the birthday several beautiful elegant costumes, to be able to change, if it is stained. Also prepare diapers and clean drinking water. Usually at this time, children are still learning to cope with a pot in front of the guests, they can get confused and do not ask to use the toilet.

Step 8:

Meet the guests, along with the birthday, give them at the entrance to hats with bright drawings or hand everyone a memorable surprise. Kids love gifts and good mood from the start of the holiday will be in your favor.

Step 9:

Focus on the preferences of the guests. Maybe someone of them is able to play a musical instrument, is organizing a competition to music, play a game of forfeits or sing children's songs in karaoke. Since the children a lot of energy, offer them a variety of outdoor games. For example, hide and seek, impromptu football, designer, cartoon viewing and puppet theater. Prepare them small gifts.

Step 10:

To the child is not tired, plan a holiday in the afternoon, when he slept, and no more than three hours. Thanked the guests for the fact that they came to celebrate the first anniversary of your baby's life!