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How to celebrate the birth of a child

Birthday child - a special event. Relatives and friends of the family in a hurry to congratulate not only the hero of the festivities that day, and happy parents. If desired, and a certain percentage of the efforts it is possible to combine a children's party and a party of adults.

How to celebrate the birth of a child

Instruction how to celebrate a child's birthday

Step 1:

You have decided to arrange a holiday home and invite to the birthday child's uneven guests. Plan the entertainment program and menu. For adults arrange a buffet table so they could snack on their own, if desired, during the evening.

Step 2:

Carefully select food for children. Preliminary figure out the taste preferences and dietary restrictions possible your little guests. Prepare as simple and usual hot food, it is desirable in two ways, the choice of the child. For example, many children favorite pasta nautically and meatballs.

Step 3:

Prepare entertainment. In the selection of competitions and games guided by the average age of the invited friends to your child. Zagotavlivaya cards with the tasks and prizes, do not forget the adults, they are usually happy to be included in the games of children as full participants.

Step 4:

One universal option - home puppet show. To pick up a performance, for example, the Russian folk tale or a work of KI Chukovsky. Characters can be painted, fairy tale characters find among the available toys or purchased specifically for the festival.

Step 5:

Make a decoration: cut cardboard trees, houses, use as designer and doll furniture. As the scene is quite amiss ironing board. Set it to the highest position, cover up the floor a beautiful blanket or cloth. Roles are distributed in advance, word characters write or print on paper.

Step 6:

While some of your adult helpers covered children's table with treats, invite all the rest on the fun idea. At the end of the play congratulate your birthday at the holiday table. Do not tighten the feed cake, usually this process - the climax of the festival, after which many tired but satisfied guests going home.