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How to celebrate the birth of his son

Each person is a holiday once a year, when the dream is accomplished, when the possibility of miracles, when the bubbling joy without limits. Of course, this Birthday! As a rule, prepare the holiday family and friends people. Prepare for the child, in this case, for the son. What should be done so that he long remembered the child who then would the whole year will be expected next birthday. Of course, you need to start from the age of his son, his interests. There are general provisions which must be taken into account.

How to celebrate the birth of his son

Instruction how to celebrate the birth of his son

Step 1:

Firstly, long before the birth of her son, as if by chance find out what he expects from that day, how it wants to see what gifts to get. This "inquiry" must be done skillfully, not "front" to preserve the element of surprise and a real joy.

Step 2:

On the basis of interest, hobbies son's estimate, the form in which to spend the day: games, theatrical. whether guests will be pirates, pilots, fantastic heroes, whether to look for treasure, somewhat obfuscated Cat Basilio and Alice, etc. Assume that the undecided.

Step 3:

Decide now where will take place the holiday home, in the woods, in a cafe. Ask your son, whom he would like to see at the festival. This is very important, since it is his day of his holiday. Adult can set the table, if necessary, on another day or at another location. If one of the adults will be at the festival, it is necessary to include all the proposed scenario.

Step 4:

Decide who you will help in the preparation of the script, in the preparation and holding that all actions were intriguing and interesting. Parents are not always afford to cope with it. Then take up a newspaper advertisement, open your computer to find the addresses of agencies for the holidays. Today, a lot of them in all cities.

Step 5:

To phone, arrange a meeting at which he outlined his vision of the holiday, tell us about the enthusiasm of his son. Listen to the advice, the specialist agency of proposals that, taking into account all your wishes, something else will offer you.

Step 6:

Do not forget to pre-buy his son a gift. Early in the morning he had with greetings and kisses to get it from close people. The room must be flowers that accompany all holidays. Make this day the newspaper with pictures, funny shirts, posters ... Gift can not give, but to offer his son to find him, directing from stage to stage various tasks, encouraging him, rejoicing with him.

Step 7:

Have time to order a cake, buy candles, which he will blow out. This ritual is known to all children and having fun performing it. The rest of the scenario. And when will come the thick twilight, ask his son to write on a piece of his heart's desire, be attached to the airship, which has already purchased, but kept secret until the right moment and under the cheers of all the guests started up at the sky. The options are vast. The main is the only requirement - a holiday made for his son.