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How to celebrate the first birthday of the child

The first birthday of the child - a very important event for both parents and for the kid. After all, he has grown, changed, learned a lot. And though he does not remember later that day, but you still have pictures and very fond memories. And after many years you will be able to tell him how to handle his first anniversary.

How to celebrate the first birthday of the child

You will need:

- camera; - Party posters; - Guests; - Cake; - Gifts for the birthday;

Instruction how to celebrate the first birthday of the child

Step 1:

It is necessary to prepare for this holiday. Think about the program and invite guests. Try to keep your apartment is not filled with a crowd of all your friends. First of all think about the baby, because he was very tired from a lot of people and a frequent change of impressions.

Step 2:

Set the start of the holiday on the afternoon, so that your baby get enough sleep and was in good spirits. Keep in mind that even such a momentous day - not a reason to change the schedule. Consider the interests of the child, otherwise instead of cheerful birthday you get nervous and crying child.

Step 3:

Decorate the room with festive banners and garlands. It would be great if you print the most interesting pictures of the baby, which show how he grew up and learned new things. Hang a large sheet of paper for the wishes, let guests write something nice to your crumbs. Many years later, he was happy to read the wishes of their loved ones. This room design will not allow guests to get bored as long as you meet the other.

Step 4:

The main dish festive table, of course should be a big cake with candles, but it should take into account all the preferences of guests. But remember that this is a children's holiday, so there should be a lot of alcohol. During the feast spend in advance invented competitions. Remember that all of them should correspond to the topics of the holiday and directly relate to your baby.

Step 5:

If you plan to continue the fun and dance, it would be nice to send someone from the family walk with the crumbs. The child will not prevent sleep, and watch entertainment on a different temperament offers him early.

Step 6:

Try not to delay the day of birth, tactfully guests spend before bathing the baby will sleep and night. Parents should remain on time and, because it is your holiday.