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How to change the mix

During the feeding of children who are bottle-fed, you must follow up with special care. After all, quite often there are situations when you simply need to change the mixture is used.

How to change the mix

Instruction how to change the mix

Step 1:

Imagine the situation: your baby is eating well the mixture for several months. But suddenly there warning signs that indicate that the mixture should be changed. They are an expression of allergic reactions; child reaches the age when you have to move to another stage of feeding; the need to introduce a mixture with special curative effect; and, conversely, the transition from the usual therapeutic mixture.

How to change the mix

Step 2:

Quite often, children who are bottle-fed a mixture of prescribed treatment. They are intended, as a rule, for premature babies; babies with allergies; born with low birth weight; children with food intolerances and for children suffering from regurgitation. Appointed they usually observed pediatrician.

Step 3:

If you need to change the power there, then you need to act. To begin to explore the information on the other mixtures. Maybe baby needed more light, or vice versa, a nourishing blend. If there is a need in the treatment, then read all that relates to your existing disease. Careful selection of the information before the power change of the child will help avoid any unpleasant surprises in the process of changing foods. And, of course, necessary to comply with the rules of the transfer of the child to the other mixture.

How to change the mix

Step 4:

Immediately, instantaneously translated to the new baby, you should not mix. Otherwise there will be problems with the belly - the appearance of colic, bloating. The ideal shift diagram mixture is as follows: on the first day of a new mixture of 10 grams is given once the second day was 20 grams 2 times a day, the third day of 30 grams 3 times per day. And for 5 days, enter up to 50 grams at a time. Go only to the new mixture takes about 7 days.

How to change the mix