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How to choose a bed for a baby

When in a family there is a small man, with great happiness and joy to come home turmoil and concerns. All the powers of the parents go on creating a comfortable environment for the newborn, because the it is more convenient, especially in the home more peace and joy. After birth, most of the time a baby spends in his sleep, which is why you need to choose the right crib for the baby, after studying all the characteristics of the product.

How to choose a bed for a baby

Instruction how to choose a crib for the baby

Step 1:

It is desirable that a cot is made of natural wood, smooth and coated with non-toxic varnish or paint. You can also ask the sales assistant to show a health certificate for the goods. Its presence indicates that the product complies with the quality performance.

Step 2:

A few months later the grown up kid will try to stand up, much swinging baby bed. Crib should not lose their original solidity. child's safety depends on its sustainability.

Step 3:

It is necessary to check in advance to have no sharp angles cots and other heavily protruding elements. Form design must be streamlined, so that the child accidentally injured.

Step 4:

The product must necessarily be carried on rocking chair type (have runners, or a pendulum mechanism for rocking). This is unlike conventional beds allow effortless lull baby.

Step 5:

It is better to abandon the model with a solid bottom and a stop on the option with slatted bases. Closed bottom mattress is sure to be a sweat, as a small child more than once or twice dampen it. In the case where the bottom is made of rails (with short intervals between them), provided free of air ventilation, through which unpleasant smells and excess moisture does not accumulate.

Step 6:

All side walls crib, usually made of twigs. It is important that the intervals between them conform to safety standards (5-6 cm), and excluded the slightest possibility that there could be stuck a pen or a small head cheloveka.Esli follow these simple tips, you can choose a crib for the baby without difficulty - a safe and durable which will serve for many years regularly and delight your convenience crumbs.