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How to choose a bottle to a newborn

Regardless of the method of feeding a newborn, you will need a bottle. It is useful to leave a portion of the milk if the mother will need to absent himself on business. If your baby is on an artificial or mixed feeding, you will need a few bottles. By the choice of the first children's dishes for the newborn should be approached with great responsibility.

How to choose a bottle to a newborn

Instruction how to choose a bottle to a newborn

Step 1:

Now on sale is represented by an extensive range of baby feeding bottles. Get the children's dishes in pharmacies or stores or give preference to products known manufacturers.

Step 2:

Note the material from which the bottle is made. The glass bottle is environmentally friendly, it is easy to clean and sterilize, it is ideal for newborns. But when the baby is a little older it is better to replace a bottle made of polypropylene. This material is an excellent alternative to glass. Such a bottle is also easy to use. Their only drawback - it is a bit unclear appearance.

Step 3:

Very popular plastic bottles. They do not fight, easy and convenient. However, they need to be changed quite often, what is sometimes overlooked mother. The problem is that during repeated heating and cooling of the plastic bottles formed small cracks where bacteria can grow.

Step 4:

Choosing a form of bottle feeding, think about whether you will be easy to wash it. After all, the purity of children's tableware is very important for the baby's health. If the child already knows how to keep himself a bottle, buy a model equipped with comfortable handles.

Step 5:

If your baby has problems with digestion, get antikolikovye bottle. They have a special design that prevents swallowing air during feeding.

Step 6:

For feeding ideal physiological bottles. They are very soft and reminiscent in shape of women's breasts. With this design, these bottles do not spoil the sucking habit and do not interfere further breastfeeding.

Step 7:

Bottles also differ in scope. Newborn buy dishes up to 100 ml. For a child of six months, buy a bottle of 200 ml. To avoid health problems, change bottles every one or two months.