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How to choose a boy's name patronymic

Choosing a name for the unborn child - a task very difficult. The tastes and opinions are different, but making a choice, think about how the name is combined with the middle name and surname.

How to choose a boy's name patronymic

Instruction how to choose a boy's name patronymic

Step 1:

Do not call the child after his father. There are several reasons. Firstly, some psychologists believe that in such a case, the boy will grow moody and unstable. It is also believed that children namesake parents take away their vitality. In addition, in others, and sometimes at the very name of the owner of the impression that with imagination parents tugovato: "No other name, is it!".

Step 2:

For a long patronymics recommended to choose short names, and vice versa. For example, such as the patronymics K., Gromov, S. suitable short name - Oleg, Ilya, Andrew. A polysyllabic names - Alexander, Vyacheslav, Anatoly - suited to short patronymics - such as Lenin or L..

Step 3:

Try to get into name and patronymic too repeated consonants and vowels. Such a combination is difficult to utter. And refrain from the consonant names. Quite a few students, and employees were breaking language and memory, communicating with Vladislav Vyacheslavovich or Vadim Vladimirovich.

Step 4:

Do not choose a name that ends with the same letter with which the surname starts. For example, Ivan. In this case, the pronunciation of the name, as it were "lost" in patronymic. And even more so it is not necessary to come up with a combination like Cyril Illarionovich. At first glance, it seems to be nice, and easy to remember, but try to pronounce it right the first time.

Step 5:

It is important that the name was associated with the middle name is also on linguistic grounds. That is a usual Russian patronymics should come up with a Russian name. And, accordingly, to foreign - also something suitable. Especially now, when the fashion for unusual names. Originality is nice, and really, why should the boy be a tenth, say, Artem in the yard or in the classroom. But John A. Petrov will sound weird.

Step 6:

Do not pick a name that is combined with the middle name completely duplicates the name and patronymic of someone from friends or known people. For example, a combination of: Lenin, Mikhail Sergeyevich Khrushchev or give rise to certain associations. Consider whether it is necessary for your son.