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How to choose a changing table

Changing table for changing clothes, changing diapers, skin care and massage newborn babies. Some parents do not see the need for buying it, believing that it is possible to cope and without him, but the other vice versa - consider that this is a very important thing. Before buying it is important to know what are the changing tables and how to select it.

How to choose a changing table

Instruction how to choose a changing table

Step 1:

Langering boards without reason is quite simple, inexpensive and compact option. The edges of the boards are equipped with low protective bumpers. The frame is made of wood and covered with latex, which allows its easy to wash. The disadvantage of this board is the lack of shelves, cabinets and bases, so you will need to find the horizontal surface of the desired size.

Step 2:

Langering boards with legs folded easily. The disadvantage of this board is the lack of shelves and cabinets and instability.

Step 3:

Changing table in the form of shelves it can be made of metal, wood or plastic. It has racks, shelves, lockers. Easy to transport. A disadvantage is its high cost.

Step 4:

Changing Tables with Bath is very convenient, if it is placed in the bathroom. But, unfortunately, often the size of bathroom is not always possible to do this. A disadvantage is its high cost.

Step 5:

This is not an exhaustive list. Currently, there are many kinds of changing tables. Manufacturers strive to produce a convenient and versatile furniture.

Step 6:

When choosing a changing table pay attention to the fact that it is made from safe natural materials. If you want to buy a wooden table, look for it to be water resistant.

Step 7:

The material of the mattress - an important detail in the selection table. It must not slip, do not get wet and cleaned easily.

Step 8:

If the trolley, see that they have brakes.

Step 9:

Changing table should be as stable, wide and suitable for your height.

Step 10:

For many very important comfortable shelves, drawers, trays, hangers and other accessories on the changing table. In this case, it all depends on your desire.