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How to choose a children's glasses

Most parents learn that their child falls acuity, follow the advice of doctors and buy daze points. At the same time adults want to make this optical instrument is not only helping offspring to see better, but was safe, reliable, and where possible fashion. Consider these suggestions for buying easy, if to remember a few rules.

How to choose a children's glasses

Most often, ophthalmologists prescribe small patients the constant wearing of glasses. This means that the main requirement for their frame - as little as possible weight. Any person at least once in life to set up on his nose design of the two glasses, knows how annoying pressure on the nose. For a child, this aspect is particularly important. Therefore it is better for children today are considered to be the rim of polycarbonate or trayveksa. Their weight - less than that of ordinary water.

Even adults today recommended plastic lenses, not to mention the children who can break the glass and get hurt by shrapnel. Therefore, in the children's glasses are inserted only plastic lenses. Do not skimp on quality, because many manufacturers offer thin lens with the margin of safety, they are not afraid of a shot at close range with a pistol. These glasses are easily withstand any children's adventure.

To glasses served for a long time and thus benefited, not harm vision, it is important to put on a special coating of the lens. If an adult is able to contain the glasses clean, make sure that the surface on which they lie, and so on. E., The children are unlikely to be so pedantic. For their vital points antirefleksnoe, dirt- and water-repellent and anti-static coatings. Otherwise, the lens will fog up at the entrance from the street and quickly covered with scratches and dust. It is important to draw attention to the fact that the glasses had aspheric design - it will expand the field of view clear.