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How to choose a club for child

One of the most popular sports among boys of all ages is hockey. A major tool without which it can not be any hockey game, of course, stick. Select a club for children - a task at first glance, a very simple one. In fact, to the selection of hockey attributes should be approached very seriously.

How to choose a club for child

Instruction how to choose a club for child

Step 1:

First of all, choosing a stick for a child, pay attention to the material from which made a particular tool. The most high-quality and durable children's considered sticks made of composite materials. They have cast design and relatively low weight. Very popular classic wooden sticks and clubs, combined in the design which includes wood, and plastic. But the acquisition of tools for the game of hockey, made from plywood, better give up.

Step 2:

Very carefully inspect the surface you liked the club. It should be flat and smooth, without chipping, cracking and chipping. Please note that as colored stick. The paint on the surface of the instrument should be based on an even layer without streaks, stains and gaps.

Step 3:

It is very important to choose the correct length of the children's clubs. Tool in an upright position should be to get the young hockey player to the chin. If due to any circumstances, you can not take the child with you to the store, measure the distance from the floor to the house of his chin.

Step 4:

Kids clubs can be to the left and right-hand bend, in other words, the left or the right grip. Learn exactly which option is best for your child is easy. Just ask him to take a stick and watch the position of his hands. If the right hand is lower than the left, the right grip, and vice versa. Beginner hockey players buy a stick with a hook straight without bending. Over time, the boy will understand how to grip it more convenient.

Step 5:

Be sure to look at the area where the bending tool on pleasing you: on the nose, in the middle or on the heel hook. Give preference to stick with a bend in the middle of the hook.

Step 6:

Pay attention to children's socks hook stick. It can be round, square or rectangular with rounded corners. If your child - are new to hockey, give preference to the hook with a round toe.