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How to choose a doctor for prenatal care

With the onset of pregnancy, before a woman raises the question: how to choose a doctor to conduct throughout the period. medical services market offers a lot of options, and the correct choice of watching the doctor depends on the outcome of pregnancy.

How to choose a doctor for prenatal care

Instruction how to choose a doctor for prenatal care

Step 1:

The easiest and cheapest way - seeking antenatal care in the community. Medical care in the municipal institutions will provide free and ride have close. for pregnant women program in consultation corresponds to modern trends in obstetrics, there is time to send for examination and will issue the necessary documents. There are drawbacks - in most cases, there is no individual approach and have to wait in line at the reception. If you do not like the attitude of the doctor assigned to you, please refer to another doctor from the same institution. You will not be denied. If the pregnancy is without complications, such monitoring may be sufficient.

Step 2:

Another thing, if the pregnancy is the result of IVF, or there are any diseases requiring individual follow-up. In this case, please contact a paid private clinic. Such institutions are convenient because of the consultants are specialists of different profiles, and you do not have any time to go to different doctors. The structure of private clinics often includes a laboratory where you can get tested. Also, most private clinics have modern equipment that allows to pass the necessary tests on the spot.

Step 3:

The disadvantage is a fairly high cost and often - the appointment is not always necessary tests in order to increase the cost of monitoring. Also, there is not always a convenient location the clinic may have to travel far in the later stages it can be difficult. Choose the best clinic and the good doctor after collect information. Check out some sort of forum, GDSs women share their impressions about the doctors and clinics, or ask your friends.

Step 4:

There is another option - to find a doctor in the clinic at the hospital. This option is convenient because one doctor will monitor the pregnancy and taking birth. He will be aware of all the features of your pregnancy. This awareness gives some guarantee safe delivery, and you will be calmer. Choose a suitable clinic and the doctor can then analyze the information, compile it on the Internet or at a friend of women with children.

Step 5:

This observation is a certain cost. Sign a contract directly with the clinic, or use the services of insurance companies. Get your hands on a policy of voluntary health insurance, examine the list of clinics, in which you can apply on the basis of this document. And already on the list, select the most suitable option. If you are not satisfied with the quality of care, you can change the doctor or clinic. It is defined by the terms of the contract.