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How to choose a game pad baby

The assortment of game pads in stores today is extremely diverse - from simple colorful paintings to articles in the form of a cradle or a playpen. Each model is designed child of a certain age and can serve the development of sensory and spatial coordination, thinking, creativity and fine motor skills. It is important to choose the best option that is suitable for your baby.

How to choose a game pad baby

Instruction how to select the game pad baby

Step 1:

When choosing a baby mat, first of all, keep in mind the child's age. For babies from 2-3 to 6 months of age are play mats with soft arcs, on which hung a variety of toys. When a child begins to sit - look after it for the product with boards that are fixed in the form of myagkonabivnogo arena. Crawling baby can not leave for a long time in the "four walls" - provide him space and get track bright colors. It is with interest to explore it. The best option - a transformer: the carpet can become a cradle or a bag-carrying. For older children good game models in the form of soft puzzle constructor or a plot pattern - for example, the railroad or the fairy forest.

Step 2:

Pay great attention to toys that are additionally equipped with most developing rugs. It should be safe, soft and captivating figures of different colors, sizes and fillings - "hrustyashki" "Tweeters", rattles, teethers, and printed books. Quality toys firmly attached with Velcro - it allows you to rearrange their places for a change. The purchase, intended child up to a year, excludes small removable parts. Set toys for the rug can be the easiest; more expensive options are entire music or gaming panel.

Step 3:

Decide on the size of the children's play mat. Usually available models with dimensions from 65h75 to see 1h1,5 m. Your choice will depend on the situation, apartments, toddler age and preferences. Thus, the smallest product to fit the baby in a cot, a playpen, or on the changing table. When a child becomes an active move, spread a rug on the floor more. Model-carrying should be compact and easy folded. Some products are equipped with hinges at the top edge, so you can use them in outdoor, and as a desktop version.

Step 4:

Make sure as the materials used. They must be environmentally friendly and durable, better - natural. Right side of the "right" product is soft and comfortable, non-slip and Wrong different terrain. Require the seller a certificate of quality for the goods with a mark that he was fireproofing. Hygiene standards of child accessories must be strictly adhered to, so look for the manufacturer's instructions on the garment label. Well, if it can often be washed in the washing machine.