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How to choose a hospital in Sank-Petersburg

The appearance of the child is always trembling and exciting moment in every family. But before the baby sees the light, his parents need to take care in advance of deliveries will take place in any hospital. From this state of mother and child depends largely.

How to choose a hospital in Sank-Petersburg

Instruction in how to choose a hospital thunk Petersburg

Step 1:

To choose a maternity hospital for the mother, it is necessary to start from a number of indicators, one of the most important of which is the rate of maternal and infant mortality. By this criterion all the hospital in St. Petersburg are the best in Russia. According to official data of Ministry of Health, in our country the average per thousand newborns accounts for about 10 deaths. In St. Petersburg maternity wards, the figure is much lower. Yet in such hospitals as the number 17, number 6, number 36, this figure is higher than in others, ranging from 0.8 to 0.6 percent.

Step 2:

The second thing to look out for - specialized maternity hospitals. For example, the profile of the hospital №6 - pregnant woman with a blood disease and toxicosis, number 9 is focused on the pathology of miscarriage, and number 13 takes women with cardiovascular disease. If a pregnant Rh-negative or Rh conflict, it can seek help from the 17 hospital.

Step 3:

If the parents choose the child's place of birth on the basis of advanced equipment, technology equipment and qualified medical assistance, they should go to the hospital "Scandinavia", which is in the ranking of the best maternity hospitals in St. Petersburg. Maternity home at the Military Medical Academy is distinguished by its cleanliness and comfort, a small number of pregnant women, but mainly provides services to family members of the military. If you are to that group did not include the labor cost charge and expensive. Maternity ward Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology. BEFORE. Ott is equipped with modern monitors, allowing to observe the state of the baby for all deliveries, also at the Institute use the most safe and effective pain relief methods that do not harm the baby and allow the woman to feel comfortable during labor.

Step 4:

When choosing maternity units can not forget the presence of intensive care for mother and child, as well as anesthesia department. They have hospital number 9, which is characterized by good medical equipment and trained personnel, so is not the last line in the ranking of the city. Any kind of medical care and can provide children's ward in the hospital number 38 to them. ON. Semashko, in which there is equipment for emergency care to children. The only disadvantage of this maternity hospital is free only accepted that women living in the same area, and the rest - for a fee.

Step 5:

It is important to note when choosing a place of birth of the baby, whether the joint stays with the child in the same room, or bring a part time mother on feeding. If the new mother wants to spend as much time as possible with his crumbs, then you need to stay at these hospitals as 17, 10, 13, Research Institute. BEFORE. Ott.