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How to choose a humidifier for baby

Comfortable furnishings in the nursery - the guarantee of health and wellness for the baby. To the baby sleeping soundly at night, as little as possible sick and was not affected by allergies, the air in the room, it should not be too dry. To create the best atmosphere buy a quality home humidifier.

How to choose a humidifier for baby

Instruction how to choose a humidifier for baby

Step 1:

Decide what it is you need a humidifier. The smaller the device has additional functions, the lower the price. However, a budget model can not withstand the daily hours of operation. If you are planning to actively use a humidifier, select a quality model from a reliable manufacturer.

Step 2:

Available steam, ultrasonic humidifiers, as well as traditional model, operating on the principle of cold evaporation. The choice of options depends not only on your preferences, but also on the age and physical characteristics of the child. For example, the steam device can not be left on unattended. This humidifier is suitable for a baby room, but for the active toddler, it can be dangerous - hot steam can cause burns.

Step 3:

Ultrasonic models that create airborne mist effect, suited to asthmatics and are indispensable in areas with very dry air. Suit for kids and they who wakes up every rustle. Ultrasonic humidifiers are working absolutely silent and not disturb your child's sleep.

Step 4:

Traditional humidifier in which the fan blows air through a damp sponge, it is absolutely safe for children of all ages. However, such a multitude of devices. If the fan does not interfere with the work of the baby, choose a model equipped with an antibacterial filter - not only does it quickly humidify the air, but also to disinfect it.

Step 5:

The best option for a child - a universal system of air cleaning, which not only moisturizes it, but also cleans the dust, pollen, wool, pets and other harmful to the baby fine particles. Some models are equipped with special shaft for the saturation of air with negatively charged particles.