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How to choose a jacket for the child

Cold wind and rain will not be a threat to the health of your baby, if it is warm and comfortable jacket, protects against bad weather. And in order to buy just such a thing, you must pay attention to several signs, which must be decisive in deciding whether to purchase it.

How to choose a jacket for the child

Instruction how to choose a jacket for the child

Step 1:

Choose the best thing for it comfortable for your child. The jacket should not be too narrow, because in this case it will hamper the movement of the baby, and it will not have the opportunity to actively run, jump and perform the slopes, that in cold weather can lead to undesirable hypothermia and cold. So stop your view on the volume model, under which it will be possible to put an extra warm sweater if necessary. Also, the jacket should be long enough to cover the lower back and the baby, so the jacket up to the thigh and the lower line is the best choice.

Step 2:

Please note that the jacket was on the bottom or on the waist or elastic ties that using cold air would prevent penetration under clothing.

Step 3:

Give preference to models with a hood - it will serve as an additional protection of the child's head and neck from wind and precipitation.

Step 4:

Pay special attention to details such as pockets, zippers, buttons. They should certainly be larger; then easily fit into the pockets of gloves or mittens, napkins or handkerchiefs; and large accessories baby will be easier to find on the put on the jacket, and undo-buttoned or lock- "lightning."

Step 5:

Stop the choice on the products of modern material. It must be moisture repellent, hypoallergenic, easy to be subjected to purification from impurities. Furthermore, the material to be breathable, since otherwise the child will sweat jacket, which may lead to undesirable consequences.

Step 6:

Take care of your child's safety - buy baby jacket with reflective elements. After all, in the evening return from school or a walk in the yard at night and in low light areas, it can be hit by a motor vehicle. A reflective fabric inserts on the jacket make it easily distinguishable on the road in the headlights.

Step 7:

Get a jacket filled with modern materials. Undoubtedly, in a jacket with natural feathers will warm the child, and it weighs quite a bit. Only jackets with natural filler is difficult to clean and wash at home. Modern synthetic materials are also used as fillers, are not inferior to the preservation of the natural by the heat capacity, very low weight. In addition, they are easily erased in the washing machine and hypoallergenic.