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How to choose a male name

It is proved that the name affects the destiny of man, so the choice of name for a child should be approached with the utmost seriousness. The boy's name should give him courage, strength, determination, and good health. But even a man with the same name can be completely dissimilar, because they have different last name and patronymic.

How to choose a male name

You will need:

Dictionary names.

Instruction how to choose a male name

Step 1:

Pick a name for the calendar Select the name of the newborn is possible according to the Orthodox calendar, if you are of the Christian faith. It is believed that the child will be given a strong protection of a guardian angel. But this will be only the old names. However, nowadays it is the fashion to them because of the unusual sound blissful.

Step 2:

Consider patronymic The sound and the value of the name must be consistent with the patronymic, complement each other certain qualities, creating a harmony of human nature. It would be better if the stress in the name and patronymic of the falls on the same syllable, when the junction should be 4 consonants. If solid-sounding middle name, the names of the boys suit soft and vice versa.

Step 3:

Choose men's names on the birth of a child In the winter season, successful people are born, strong and stubborn. They are high up the corporate ladder, but in their personal life will fail because of the complexity of nature. So let winter baby name that will help him to better communicate with people.

Step 4:

Spring natures we must give confidence and determination. According to pay attention to the value of the men's names and nature of hard those in which there is a minimum number of diseases, since Spring babies are born with poor health.

Step 5:

Summer affect the softness of character, emotion and sensuality. At this time of year are born the most proud, talented and sexy nature. Like to take risks to achieve his by any means, they lack the prudence, which have spring people.

Step 6:

In autumn you can pick up any boys names. This season is beneficial to all walks of life. The main quality - balance, prudence, wisdom and ease nature.

Step 7:

Remember some of the signs - match the name and surname of the child to one of the close relatives can lead to the death of one of the namesakes; - Undesirable to name a child in honor of the man with a tragic destiny; - Select the name of the newborn from the 7 letters - fortunately, as of 13 - unfortunately; - Well, when initials form the word.