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How to choose a name for your baby

At all times, the names attached special, almost mystical significance. For example, in the East, the baby at birth were given two names to confuse the forces of evil. One of the names was false, and the other - true. Nobles of Japan "rewarded" their children unflattering names, nicknames "lame" or "foundling", to scare off the dark spirits.

How to choose a name for your baby

There exists to this day a lot of will and superstitions associated with the names. It is believed that it is impossible to give the child the name of one of the parents or close relatives, as a guardian angel can not protect from the ills and tribulations of two in the same house. And the practice, by the way, shows that people with such names as Boris and Alexander, grow capricious, unbalanced and out of luck.

In accordance with the calendar

Returns tradition to name the baby according to the calendar. Church Calendar - a calendar of saints venerated on a certain day. According to church canons, lucky and unlucky name does not happen, and there are names that do not match the name of the saint, revered on this day. And it is not a sin to call a girl a male name, for example, Eugene or Valery. Many Christian names in the calendar are both male and female form. Even as Anatoly, Cyril and Paul are applicable to the feminine - Anatoly, Cyril and St. Paul. If your child's name is not in the calendar, then it will be called in baptism to others, which is close in sound, for example, Karina - Cyrus, Diana - Daria, Ruslan - Roman. Do you want to name your child according to the rules Yuletide calendar or check whether your name and the names of your loved ones to church canons?

In accordance with common sense

But parents do not believe in horoscopes, signs, and try not to comply with the rules of the church and the Orthodox canons, you can suggest only one thing - follow common sense when choosing a name for their child.

• Choose not very exotic name. Give preference to one that will be in tune with the middle name and surname.

•, that name should be beautiful, but short if the name or surname difficult to pronounce.

• Name a boy - a patronymic of his future children. Keep this in mind.

• talked for a full name, short and caressing option. Like? Choose what you like, not to say the future a hundred times a day, a full version of it.

The most important thing when choosing a name for a child - is to rely on their opinion and not the opinion of many grandparents, relatives and other "advisors."