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How to choose a school bag

A wrong school bag can be one of the causes curvature of the spine in children. The main thing you should pay attention, comfort, and not the colors and number of pockets.

How to choose a school bag

Instruction how to choose a school bag

Step 1:

The back of the backpack should be built with dense skeleton, preferably an orthopedic. This makes it possible to evenly distribute the load on the spine when worn. If there is no light aluminum frame and backrest itself is formless, give up the purchase.

Step 2:

It is important that the backpack straps were wide and soft. These straps do not cut into the shoulders, and thus make it easier to carry. When choosing a backpack, check all the fasteners that are designed to adjust the length. They must be robust and reliable.

Step 3:

Backpack should not lose shape, if it is put on the table or floor. The denser the walls inside, the greater the likelihood that the notebooks and textbooks do not pomnutsya while wearing. Empty weight of a backpack for a first grader should not exceed 1 kg.

Step 4:

Do not buy a backpack with room for growth. This may adversely affect the posture, and space - an extra excuse to load it with additional burdens, such as toys. The upper edge of the backpack should be at shoulder level, lower - at waist level. One of the mandatory conditions: the interior should be free to fit A4 size toiletries (sketchbooks, notebooks for notes, etc.)

Step 5:

To textbooks and notebooks are not soaked in the rain or snow, prefer a backpack with a water-repellent coating. It will be easier to clean from pollution, and this will last longer. Note the strength of the internal and external seams.

Step 6:

For the safety of the child is not out of place to buy a backpack with reflective inserts. They are designed primarily to at night drivers can see a child crossing the road or in the possession of the highway.

Step 7:

In the matter of selecting a school backpack is important to take into account the views of the child. After all, if the purchase is not like him, he would not treat her gently.