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How to choose a school uniform

Before the start of the new school year is the time to take care of school supplies, which include school uniform. How to make the right choice of the form?

How to choose a school uniform

While not all Russian schools introduced a single form, which must be made-to-measure and in a certain range of colors. Common style no. If your child goes to school, where there are no special requirements for the form, parents need to choose the style and color.

Particular attention should be paid to the material of which is made uniform. Fabric should combine natural and synthetic fibers, about 50 to 50. Of course, the natural materials are much nicer body, but things quickly crumple cotton, lose color and shape. Fully synthetic clothes to choose is also not worth it, because the skin will not breathe and it can lead to hypothermia, allergic reactions and other negative consequences. Therefore, a reasonable middle in such a case will be most welcome.

Buy a form for growth if every parent decides for himself. On the one hand - it is more economical, on the other hand, the original form will look like a big ugly, and then worn. As for style, it is also a matter of taste. In clothing stores, and specialty stores uniforms have a lot of different styles of pants and skirts, sundresses and dresses, jackets and suits for girls and boys. If the student trusts choice of parents - is good, but most teenagers choose the clothes themselves, for their important not only convenience and practicality, but also fashion.

If the charter school is not registered form color, choose it on your own. The most practical option - green, blue, gray and black. When choosing a look for the label, which specified how to care for a thing.

School uniforms - it is not just a mandatory attribute, but also the way the child's self-expression, the ability to somehow stand out from the crowd. Therefore, children should choose a beautiful, practical, comfortable and safe for the health of school uniforms.