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How to choose a snowboard for child

Choosing a snowboard for the child - a very important moment. To make the right purchase is necessary to take into account the following parameters: length and weight of the snowboard, height and weight of the child, the width and the stiffness of the board.

How to choose a snowboard for child

Instruction how to choose a snowboard for child

Step 1:

Watch what draws your child in snowboarding. There are several styles of skiing, snowboarding choice depends on what style of skating will be held. Freestyle - a style that involves performing various tricks. Carving - downhill from the mountains using carved turns. The essence of freeriding is skating at high speed through the deep snow with jumps from the mountain ledges. Another style - versatile, it combines and various stunts, and speed skating. Usually placed on a snowboard marking indicating to what exactly the style he designed.

Step 2:

Check the rigidity of the snowboard. Soft boards are made for freestyle and freeride, hard - for carving. For beginners in snowboarding, it is best to purchase soft or medium hard boards.

Step 3:

Choose a snowboard on the height and weight of your child. Each board shall be accompanied by a special correspondence table of parameters and snowboard length. If you choose the simplified, the board should be slightly above the child's chin. Because Children are constantly growing, the parents want to buy a snowboard a bit longer than necessary, but this can not be done. Driving on the wrong snowboarding can result in injury.

Step 4:

Note that the smaller the width of the snowboard, the easier it is to manage it. But the foot must not protrude beyond the surface of more than 1 cm. Otherwise, the feet will interfere with skating, brushing against the snow.

Step 5:

Try to pick up snowboarding. It should not be too difficult, the child must raise his nose with one hand easily.

Step 6:

Pick mounts for boots and shoes themselves, guided by the following knowledge. Soft shoes are designed for freeride and fristaya, hard - for carving. Do not buy shoes "for growth"Otherwise the leg would not be sufficient to fix them, which is very dangerous. Fasteners are different and also depend on the style of riding. Rigid attachment needed for carving, and soft - freestyle and freeride. A prerequisite as the one and the other kinds of fixtures is that they should be very good to keep the shoes.

Step 7:

Carefully check the to board, bindings and boots, your chosen were perfect for each other. Only in this case you can be sure your child's safety.