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How to choose a stroller for the baby

With the need to buy a stroller your baby once faced by all parents of a newborn. But these pleasant chores can be difficult if there is no experience in choosing the "vehicle" for the little guy.

How to choose a stroller for the baby

Instruction how to choose a stroller for your baby

Step 1:

Classical stroller or pram-transformer. Option "lying" in a wheelchair-transformer is easily converted into a sedentary. Also, the transformer can be effortlessly detach all unnecessary items that will greatly facilitate the carriage, or, conversely, to add the missing components without difficulty. Handle-transformer stroller is easy to change from one side to the other, so this stroller easy to deploy against the wind, turn the baby to face him, or, on the contrary, open it a full review of interesting things around. And finally, the convertible stroller can be folded and it does not take much space in the apartment.

Step 2:

The disadvantages of the transformer to the classical version strollers should include a lot of weight-transformer strollers and poor maneuverability. In addition, the transformer fit lower in comparison with the classic version - the tall man would be uncomfortable to push her in front of him.

Step 3:

Heavy or light version. When choosing a stroller, you must ask yourself this question, and the wheelchair will be transported from the street and the street. Did you enter the elevator carriage or it will have to lower on a high floor on the first "hand". Of course, the stroller with a lot of devices, often looks nicer and more solid, but this stroller weighs more. For example, popular now transformers heavier than classic embodiments.

Step 4:

Wheel size. When choosing a stroller must also think about what route will take the route of daily walks with your baby. For comfortable driving in the mud, potholes and spring and autumn is the best choice mudslides stroller with big wheels. In addition, the small wheels provide when driving over bumps for a baby. It is worth also to fathom the doorways in the apartment, the entrance, the store, and when buying strollers to compare these sizes with the distance between the wheels of the carriage, to be sure, a good stroller will take place wherever needed.

Step 5:

Tires or plastic wheels. During warmer months, the carriage with the tires on the wheels looks preferable. Its on-road smoother. And in the winter it would be better to use a plastic wheel. Therefore, choosing Koliesko, need to think about what time of year stroller will be used primarily. However, some models of wheel carriages can be changed. It is necessary to clarify this in advance with the purchase.

Step 6:

Suspension or spring. In this case, the choice is unambiguous in favor of the springs or straps Wheelchair suspension on belts maneuverable stroller straps allow to swing from side to side. The disadvantages of the belts can only carry that over time, the belts are erased. However this is offset by the fact that the belts can be replaced.