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How to choose a suit for a baby

In anticipation of inclement weather, many parents have attended a choice for their children top of warm clothing. To while walking the child is not frozen and it was convenient, the choice suits you need to pay attention to several points.

How to choose a suit for a baby

Instruction how to choose a suit for a baby

Step 1:

For kids who are in wheelchairs is, first of all it is necessary to choose a warm fur envelope. He needed to crumbs are not blown back and froze. These envelopes are artificial fur or sheepskin. The latter, of course, preferable, they are more heated, but also more expensive. You can cheat and put on the bottom of the stroller sheepskin. But even in the envelope baby needs extra warmth. Note the overalls on the feathers: they are light, warm and eco-friendly. An alternative to downy filler may be padding polyester, but some kids in things like sweat.

Step 2:

For restless brats who have already taken the first steps in the selection of winter clothing is necessary to consider its convenience. The suit must be comfortable to walk the child, it should not be heavy and wet. Now there is a model with a water-repellent, which is indispensable in the off-season, and winter on the hill. These things almost do not need to wash, because dirt does not stick to them. To walk is better to choose fused jumpsuit, not a separate jacket and pants. Toddlers often fall jacket can be ridden up, and there fall of snow. Separate option is useful if you go, for example, to the store, and you can remove the top part.

Step 3:

Very popular now enjoy overalls on the membrane. Such clothing is a little thin inner layers, due to which the heat is better preserved, and the clothing itself is very easy and convenient. But these kits are suitable for the children moving, because the heat must be generated during the body movement. If crumb sitting in such clothes in a wheelchair or on a sled, it may simply freeze. Such suits are suitable for children after three years, which is already active move, run, ride a roller coaster. Indispensable membrane and cross-country skiing or ice skating.

Step 4:

Toddlers who is just learning to walk often fall. And clothing should protect them from shock, and hypothermia. Look for suits with reinforced knees and place in an insulated soft backrest. So in the fall of ass, kid, after sitting a little on the cold surface, do not have time to freeze.