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How to choose a swimsuit for girls

A variety of bathing suits for girls, presented on the shelves of modern children's shops, is so great that it can get confused, even the most experienced parents. After all, the main task of mothers and fathers - to choose a swimsuit that will not only enjoy their little fashionistas, but also not harm her health.

How to choose a swimsuit for girls

Instruction how to choose a swimsuit for girls

Step 1:

Particular attention when choosing a swimsuit for girls look at the composition of the tissue from which the product is made. For the little ones it is a perfect option swimsuit made out of natural hygienic cotton. In contact with delicate baby skin, this material does not cause irritation, chafing, and a variety of allergic reactions.

Step 2:

Cotton dries rather slowly, so after your baby is redeemed, it is required to change their clothes to dry clothes. For a long stay in a wet bathing suit can lead to hypothermia.

Step 3:

For older girls, you can choose a swimsuit made of synthetic fabrics. This product dries quickly in the sun, almost does not stretch and long retains its attractive appearance. They are made synthetically baby swimwear, usually made of polyester with lycra, gives the product greater elasticity.

Step 4:

The right to choose a style swimsuit provide the smallest fashionistas. One girls like solid product, while others prefer to separate models. Keep in mind that for the rest of the sea is more appropriate separate swimsuit, and for training in the pool - solid.

Step 5:

If for you it is important that your daughter swimsuit served more than one year, choose a model with knotted straps. Thanks to them, you can adjust the product as the child grows long.

Step 6:

Choosing a swimsuit for girls coloring, prefer bright, juicy, fresh shades. It is like little girls model, decorated with all sorts of ribbons, sequins, beads and ruffles and appliqués depicting princesses, fairies, witches and other fairy tale and cartoon characters.

Step 7:

In no case do not buy a swimsuit "for growth." If the product is too large, it will fall down with your baby, delivering a lot of inconvenience to her. Too tight swimsuit, on the contrary, will crash into the delicate skin of the girls, preventing the child to rest.