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How to choose a swing

Rebyatnya loves the feeling of flying and literally occupy all the swings in the playground. Give children a holiday, buying a home swing. It is important that they are as safe and comfortable for the child.

How to choose a swing

Instruction how to choose the swing

Step 1:

When choosing a swing, consider the age and weight of the baby. For the very young need crumbs swing "Baby" or swing-transformers. This compact model with a comfortable padded seat, adjustable backrest and fixing straps. Such swings are quite capable to serve as a cradle or highchair.

Step 2:

For children a little older buy a harness or floor model in the form of funny soft toys. When choosing outdoor swings, inspect frame. It should be heavy and equipped with reliable locks to swing could not tip over. An additional advantage - the presence of the brake linings or slip.

Step 3:

Swings will cost you cheaper flooring, they are fixed to the ceiling or the crossbeam in the doorway, and quite easy to use. For children under three years is better to choose an option with seat-armchair. It has a special handrails that will protect the crumbs from falling. model The downside is that the child will have to plant and remove the swing, rock and watch for his safety.

Step 4:

If you live in a private home or you have a cottage, then the street swing - this is a great option. Set them in the open air on unpaved or turf. The legs swing Grout. Seat strengthen at a height no higher than 60 cm, so that the child could get his feet to the ground. Lubricate moving parts of the machine oil, so they do not squeak. Check the swing elements, tighten parts, if necessary.

Step 5:

When buying pay attention to the safety of the structure. It must be stable and reliable. A good option is to buy a proven swing-known manufacturer. Then you will be assured of quality, ecology, safety products.