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How to choose a winter cover for your child

Winter envelope for a child - is a useful invention that allows you to not be afraid for the baby's health, even during the most severe frosts. This miracle odezhka replaced the warm baby blankets, which in the recent past, wrapped in a cold season of their crumbs caring mommy and daddy. Thanks to the huge variety of winter envelope represented on the shelves of modern children's stores, parents can easily select the most appropriate model of their baby.

How to choose a winter cover for your child

Instruction how to choose a winter cover for your child

Step 1:

Warm winter envelope is designed, as a rule, a child from birth to one year. This device is arranged so that the baby, who is in it, can only move inside its warm "house." A year older kids tend to crave freedom of movement, so by buying "long-running" envelope winter baby better give up.

Step 2:

Many modern winter envelopes for the children is not only designed to protect kids from cold. They also have a lot of variety of useful functions. For example, there are envelopes with a solid bottom with just four purposes: to carry the baby cot, sleeping bag, warm blanket for a walk in the stroller and mat games.

Step 3:

There are three modifications of winter envelope for children. The first - an envelope with a hard bottom. Most often it is used as a heater stroller, bassinet, or carrying current models Children's sledge.

Step 4:

The second modification of the winter envelope for the baby - walking bag, which is a kind of element of children's clothing. It restricts the movement of the baby, but it warms the hands and feet is much more effective than the suit.

Step 5:

Very popular is also the winter envelopes with sleeves. Such clothing provides freedom of movement handles baby. And to add more space and toddler legs, the bottom of some of these envelopes has a rounded or trapezoidal shape.

Step 6:

When choosing a winter cover for your child, be sure to find out what materials are included in the product. The top of the envelope is most often made of polyester, nylon, velvet, microfiber or heavy water-repellent plaschevki. As a heater used fluff mikropuh, padding polyester, faux or real fur. Especially popular among today's parents are children's winter sleeping on a sheepskin.

Step 7:

Pay attention to the manufacturer's winter envelope. If a thing has been developed in the country with a cold climate, be sure that it is really warm baby harsh Russian winter.