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How to choose a winter shoes for children

Children's winter shoes should retain heat and give the legs freeze. It should be comfortable and made of natural materials. The main task of the parents in the choice of winter shoes the child - is to choose the right size.

How to choose a winter shoes for children

Instruction how to choose a winter shoes for children

Step 1:

When buying children's winter shoes need to choose the right size of it. If the shoe would be small for a baby, it will put pressure on the legs and they will freeze. Boots large size not to warm the cold season. Improper shoe size will lead to deformation of the unformed child's foot.

Step 2:

Buying winter boots child, pay attention to the fullness of his boots. A child with a narrow foot wide do not buy boots, and the kid with the wide leg do not wear narrow shoes. Take the baby with him and try on selected shoes, sizes from different manufacturers and in different stores may vary. Try to try on boots in the evening, because feet swell a little during the day.

Step 3:

Buying baby shoes, look closely at the vzem. If the transition from the upper part of the leg to the lower leg smooth and sloped - it is considered a high-rise. Vzem should be comfortable for the child. After a while the winter break in shoes and getting bigger. In this case, enclose in the boot another insole.

Step 4:

When choosing shoes for the winter look at the sole of boots. It must be flexible and dense that the child was comfortable to walk. Notice how the seams are made. To do this, bend the upper part of the sole, and see whether there is a gap.

Step 5:

To have winter shoes sole was not slippery, consider drawing on it. It should not be directed in the same direction. Such a sole will slide. When choosing boots look for the presence of arch support, if it is not, then you can buy a special orthopedic insole. Shoes should have a hard high heel, wide part at the toes. The upper part must be tight so that the child is not twisted my ankle.

Step 6:

Buying winter baby shoes, pay attention to the insole, it must be a fur and tightly sewn. Insulation in shoes should be made of natural fur or on the membrane. Try to choose boots made of genuine leather. Look at the shoes from all sides, on it there should be no folds, wrinkles, stains and damage.