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How to choose baby clothes

From the abundance and diversity of children's clothes, presented on the shelves of modern shops, involuntarily dazzled. Naturally, young parents, the question immediately arises as from so many things to choose clothes for the children of the beloved, that it is not only pleased with your child colors and designs, but also be comfortable and practical to wear.

How to choose baby clothes

Instruction how to choose baby clothes

Step 1:

At the beginning think, for what purpose and bought baby thing is appropriate to be vending outfit in any given situation. Agree, the child will look funny on a daily walk in the dress that looked like a pair of pajamas or a carnival costume. Some outfits shall comply with the conditions and requirements of children's educational institutions. Do not purchase a thing just like that, for no reason, when he saw a bright robe. Do not forget to buy clothes of the case.

Step 2:

Seeing the right thing, evaluate the quality of goods. The thing to be pleasant to the touch, look symmetrical, trim should look soundly. Pockets, hoods, zippers, buttons should serve not only as design elements, but at the same time to perform its function and purpose: easy to fasten, close the neck from the wind, protected from rain, etc. Poor quality children's jersey will be extended once at the knees and elbows, and skewed after the first wash, as if he neither looked beautiful on the mannequin. Poorly applied stickers oblezut quickly, leaving an imprint on a T-shirt, and recently bought the thing will look faded and old. Be sure to check the underside of the fabric, which should have the right, flat seams, carefully processed over the entire length. If there is a lining, it is to be performed from a suitable material and properly enclosing a substrate.

Step 3:

Assessing the quality of appearance and inside out, pay attention to the fabric from which the sewn product. Try to buy children's clothes, which are made of natural or mixed materials. Acquired for baby cotton clothing, linen, wool or silk, impregnated with natural dyes, it is considered hygienic, and not electrified. Select the item from the tissue, the Council of the season of the year - a water-repellent or airtight, cold or warm.

Step 4:

Convinced of the quality of the goods, try the clothes on the baby and see if it fits his size. The top children's clothing should be free to easily fit over other things and does not hamper the child's movement. Underwear is selected so that it is not very close or too wide. Look at the length of the sleeves and trouser legs. They should not be too long or short. The baby will be constantly distracted from school, got out adjusting cuff, pulling down a short shirt or fall, stumble on the leg.

Step 5:

Do not try to buy the expensive branded things, because children quickly grow out of clothes. You can always pick up an inexpensive children's clothes, in which the child will feel comfortable and at ease, and which will be put on in the morning with pleasure.