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How to choose baby food

In the process of weaning the baby from the breast every mother begins to wonder what is to replace nutritious and healthy breast milk. How to choose baby food, that it was safe for the health of your baby? After all, a lot of manufacturers are now offering a wide selection of different jars, bottles, bags of infant formula. Shelves in stores just bursting with diversity. On what to stop?

How to choose baby food

Instruction how to choose baby food

Step 1:

Feel free to purchase products of world famous brands. They have over the years of its existence, established itself in the market of children's products in the best possible way. Gone are long-term check on the purity of all components, sustainability and taste. They have certificates of international quality models and continuously thoroughly tested.

Step 2:

Before purchasing carefully examine the packaging. She, whether jar, bottle or package must not be broken, damaged. If sealed, then the contents of the safety out of danger.

Step 3:

Shelf life of the goods - one of the most important indicators. In no case, do not purchase goods, released for a period or when left to the end of a couple of days. This is very dangerous for the health of your baby!

Step 4:

When purchasing be sure to pay attention to the composition. The baby food should not contain artificial contaminants: colorants, flavors, preservatives, GMOs and other dangerous for the baby's health elements.

Step 5:

The composition must be necessary for the child's vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Such as vitamins A, D, E, B, PP, fatty acids, calcium and iodine.

Step 6:

Pay attention to the special notes on the packaging, for example, the recommendation of the Union of pediatricians of Russia and Institute of Nutrition, etc. After all, they mean that this type of baby food was thoroughly tested for safety.

Step 7:

As a rule, there is an alternative to products of world famous manufacturers, so it is not necessary "to dwell" on a specific brand. It is understandable that you want to give your child the best, but do not do it to the detriment of the whole family budget. Especially if your economic situation does not allow it. There's a trick! Carefully study the composition and performance of products of branded companies, and find the same items in their characteristics, for example, a domestic producer. Proper and balanced nutrition - the key to the health of your baby. So the question is how to choose baby food, is always important, and you need to approach it deliberately!