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How to choose baby monitors

Caring for the baby, who is just beginning to explore the world - is not easy and responsible. However, today's parents in "assistant" is not only their own natural instincts and intuition, but also intelligent electronics. For example, baby monitors is good because it can be used without worries leave a toddler in the nursery, and at the same time be aware of his every movement. The main thing is to be able to choose the miracle remedy.

How to choose baby monitors

Instruction how to choose baby monitors

Step 1:

Given an order to buy a good baby monitors, do not rush to buy it solely because of the loud and hyped title of European or American brand. As a rule, this kind of electronics manufactured in China or Taiwan that does not mean low quality products. However, often it is an overpayment for the brand and the famous logo. So if you really want to buy famous brand baby monitors, it is best to shop at specialty or branded stores.

Step 2:

Choosing baby monitors, consider a number of characteristics of the device, namely, action radius, signal quality, confidentiality. Usually, baby monitors generates radio waves at a frequency of about 2.4 GHz. The same frequency is used today and many communication devices (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.). If your house is a Wi-Fi point, for the correct operation of baby monitors you may have to purchase a model that has been digitally encoded signal transmission.

Step 3:

Pay attention to the type of device power. The baby monitors, it is fixed and autonomous. Individual well when there are difficulties with the optimal location of sockets in the house. Self catering in children's blocks (cells) are also of two types: conventional batteries or built-in battery. Both types have their pros and cons. So, after some time the battery will lose its charging effect, and have to buy batteries regularly. According to the same system of work and parental units (monitors).

Step 4:

It is equally important when choosing to look at the size and capabilities of the monitor (parent unit). Depending on the preferred model, baby monitors are analog or digital type of input image. The first did not have a high-quality image, but the digital models are limited in terms of bandwidth. In other words, the image quality in digital high enough baby monitors, but this speed is markedly lower.

Step 5:

There are several features in some models, which may also be of interest to: the ability to connect additional cameras, recording function of data from the camera, night vision, two-way communication, the ability to display data about the temperature in the nursery.