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How to choose clothes for newborns

Today there is a huge variety of shops, representing a wide range of children's products. But, nevertheless, it is not necessary to buy everything at once the most beautiful and fashionable. Choose clothes for babies first year of life must be based on other criteria.

How to choose clothes for newborns

Instruction how to choose clothes for newborns

Step 1:

Comfort for baby clothes should not hamper his movements. It is not necessary in the presence of tight laces and elastics. Prefer the simple things that are easy to attach and remove. Do not buy dresses for girls in the period when the child learns to crawl - it is absolutely inconvenient thing.

Step 2:

Size Buy items for baby size. They should not be tight or too loose. Kids grow up too fast, so there is no need to purchase more than 2-3 things in one size.

Step 3:

The quality of clothes for the baby is better to choose from natural fabrics, with neat seams, tightly sewn buttons, high-quality buttons and so on.

Step 4:

A sample list of clothing necessary to the kid for the first time: blouse (light - 5-6 pieces, warm - 2-3 pieces), warm overalls - 1-2 pieces, body (with short sleeves - 2-3 pieces, with long sleeves - 2 pieces), sliders - 4-8 pieces, caps (light - 2-3 pieces, warm - 1-2 pieces), socks (cotton - 2 pairs, warm - 1 pair), winter hat - 1 piece.

Step 5:

For walks purchase a sleeping bag or a thin envelope for the summer and for the winter - an envelope with fur. Undershirts and blouses choose seamy and buttons and buttons is better if they are placed on the shoulder, it is very comfortable for the child. If you give preference sliders with straps, they will not slip from your baby.

Step 6:

It is very convenient thing is Scratchy. Dress them necessary, when the child sleeps, that he himself did not accidentally scratched. But during wakefulness is not necessary to use them to develop motor skills in a child's hands.

Step 7:

Do not forget about diaper. Even if you do not plan to swaddle a baby, they will be useful, for example, to podstelit in baby cot.

Step 8:

Preparing dowry for the baby, do not buy a lot of clothes on the growth of 50-56 centimeters. After 5-6 weeks of this size it has to be small. More to take things to the growth of 62 centimeters, they will last for 3-5 months. But if you do buy a few sets for growth (68-74 cm), then you forget about the purchases of children's clothes at least for six months.