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How to choose shoes teen

Choose Shoes for a teenager is not always easy: even if you can determine the style, size and orthopedists recommendations, will still view the child. To disagreements were not between generations, starting with the selection of shoes is necessary agreement of the teenager.

How to choose shoes teen

Instruction how to choose shoes teen

Step 1:

Talk to your child about what shoes he'd like to have. Do not buy a few pairs for one purpose - as a teenager foot is growing rapidly, it quickly grows out of any shoe, she did not have time to wear.

Step 2:

For sports teenager buy sneakers or shoes, or moccasins for girl. This sports shoes have to be equipped with a shock-absorbing cushions that reduce the load on the spine when running and jumping.

Step 3:

School shoes should be comfortable and breathable - because the child spends there a few hours a day. It is desirable that it was easy and made from natural materials. Well, if you have the opportunity to change shoes for walking on a replacement.

Step 4:

On any shoes for both girls and boys, should be a small heel. Optimal height - from 1 to 3 cm only in shoes with a heel growing organism is not terribly flat..

Step 5:

Adolescent girls also buy fashionable shoes with heels high enough, but not allowed to go to her all day. This may be holiday or weekend shoes, boots, shoes, sandals. Constant wearing of such footwear is harmful to the pelvic blood circulation, but to learn to walk on his heels for the little fashionista will not be superfluous.

Step 6:

Choosing winter shoes for the teenager, pay attention to the sole. It must be equipped with a deep tread to provide good grip on icy roads. Materials preferred natural - fur or leather, feather filler.

Step 7:

The inside of the shoe is sure to be a natural, pleasant to the touch. Even if you buy rubber boots, take care of the soft insole or cotton tab.

Step 8:

Picking shoe size, do not try to buy it "for growth." Buy shoes that will be comfortable for two consecutive seasons (especially in the summer or winter), it is practically impossible. Therefore, to accept the idea that winter boots or summer sandals only one season will be used.