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How to choose the day of baptism

Baptism - is the spiritual birth of the person, his adherence to the Christian faith and the cleansing of sins. In recent years, more and more parents seek to baptize the child as a child, to a very early age to cultivate the Orthodox tradition. To determine the most suitable for baby christening date, you need to consider a few points.

How to choose the day of baptism

Instruction how to choose the day of baptism

Step 1:

According to church canons decided to make the Sacrament of Baptism on the 40th day of a child's life, but to establish strict on this point. To a large extent this is due to postpartum state and restoration of the mother's body. To enter the temple it must receive the blessing of the priest, after reading a special prayer. If the baby is sick, the priest can invite home or to the hospital sooner.

Step 2:

In general, the Church permits to baptize the child in every day by their parents, as long as their intention to raise my child in the Christian faith was firm. Prohibitions and restrictions on any day for the Sacrament of Baptism is not, but in a particular temple can be its own rules, so choosing the date, check it from the servants.

Step 3:

Very often, the rite is performed for a few baptized at the same time, but if you want it was accomplished only your child, arrange with the priest on the day when the other none.

Step 4:

Many mothers and grandmothers afraid to baptize babies in the cold season, because they are immersed in water and being wet, they can catch a cold. If you are among these parents, better wait for the warm weather.

Step 5:

In earlier times anoint the holy names of babies, the memory of which fell on the day of baptism. Now it is possible to act on the reverse: get in the church calendar date on which celebrated the memory of the saints, select the one that follows the day of the birth of your child, and be baptized baby.

Step 6:

Can coincide with the baptism to the church holidays: Easter, Trinity, Our Lady of Kazan, etc. But bear in mind that at this time there is a large concentration of people in the temple, and the baby can be frightened.

Step 7:

Consider the child's individual characteristics: age, relationships with others, as it will behave in the arms of the Cross, etc. The six-month baby can sense the ritual calmly, but after 2-3 months - and turn to cry.

Step 8:

In addition, church traditions forbid women to go to the temple during menstruation, so it is important that the day of baptism did not come for the godmother for this period.