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How to choose the right shoes for children

Responsibility for the selection of shoes for a child rests entirely on their parents, because baby can not say it is convenient to go or not. While the child's foot is formed, it is very important that the shoes did not provoke flat.

How to choose the right shoes for children

Instruction how to choose the right shoes for children

Step 1:

Begin to pick up for the baby shoes, as soon as he begins to stand on its own. The enclosed space that creates footwear, contributes to the formation of the foot and correct posture in the future. For children under the age of five is better to choose orthopedic shoes for the prevention of flatfoot.

Step 2:

Bend sole in hand, it must be easy to flex the foot at the beginning, at the base of the thumb, and not in the middle. There is a rule: the smaller the child, the thinner and more flexible should be sole. there is a roll from heel to toe in a good shoes, her child will not stumble and fall. The sole should be corrugated and non-slip.

Step 3:

Choose children's shoes with a wide toe, your fingers were not compressed.

Step 4:

Pick up shoes with a heel. The heel does not allow the child back and filled up forms gait.

Step 5:

Squeeze your thumb and forefinger heel shoes, it should be a little hard and well to fix the heel. With open heel sandals can be worn after only four years. The same applies to the spanked.

Step 6:

Choose shoes with a retractable and legkostirayuscheysya insole, consisting of several layers and perforated.

Step 7:

Take a look at the material from which made shoes. It is better if it is made of natural materials - textiles, leather, suede. In this shoe the foot breathe easy. If the shoe emits a pungent smell, it means that it is made of substandard materials.

Step 8:

Correctly pick up the size. The distance from the child's toe to the edge of the shoe should be one and a half centimeters. In the backdrop, and the heel must pass a finger. This allowance is necessary in order to stop at the step could be drawn. You can cut around the outline of the child's foot to hike to the store. Putting the outer edge of the shoe insole cut out of paper, determine whether it will suit the size of your child. Do not buy shoes for growth in her leg dangling, and her child can dislocate.

Step 9:

Observe how the child walks. If the shoe hangs on her leg is shifted to one side, be sure to change it.

Step 10:

Good children's shoes is not cheap. However, the shoe is not worth saving, the child's health depends on it.