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How to clean baby's ears

Toilet baby - an important hygienic procedure, which is conducted on a daily basis and requires parents to specialized knowledge and skills. It includes care for the child's ear shells. How to properly clean the baby's ears?

How to clean baby's ears

Instruction how to clean the baby's ears

Step 1:

Just as in the adult ear baby has its own filter to retain small extraneous particles. Thanks to it, they do not penetrate into the sensitive inner ear sections. This filter is useful natural lubrication - earwax. Know that the ear can be cleaned itself, getting rid of all unnecessary without your help. Older sulfur while gradually leached out of or ear canal, and in the meantime is formed at its new location.

Step 2:

Wash your ears baby during the daily bath. After the procedure, wipe the ears with a towel or diaper. Once or twice a week can be used to clean the exterior of the ear crumbs small flagellum, twisted gauze. Flagellum can wet the baby oil or boiled water. Then just gently remove the sulfur that has accumulated at the outlet of the auditory canal, gently wipe the ears. This is enough to become the child's ears clean. Do flagella of the wool it is not necessary to exclude the possibility that a piece of her ear accidentally left in the baby.

Step 3:

Some parents take for sulfur mud and regularly try to extract it from the child's ears. I know that in fact this is not necessary. Moreover, by doing so, you can only hurt crumbs. Trying to deep clean the baby's ear with a cotton swab, you may accidentally injure the walls of the external auditory canal and the eardrum. In addition, when such manipulation sulfur is not only not go away, but will be even deeper in the ear rammed baby, ie the purpose of cleaning is still not achieved. And the resulting sulfuric plug will have to eliminate, resorting to medical assistance.