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How to clean the nose of infants

Cleaning nozzle small crumbs - it is very responsible and at the beginning of exciting for a young mother. It operates a basic rule: do not touch the spout once again unnecessarily.

How to clean the nose of infants

You will need:

wool for making flagella or cotton swabs with limiters, sterile vegetable or mineral oil.

Instruction how to clean the nose of infants

Step 1:

Importantly - the less frequently cleaning procedures, the better. The fact that the body itself regulates the amount of water, including on the nasal mucosa. If the nose is dry, a crust formed, the baby can not breathe and eat, it is necessary to soften the nasal mucosa. To do this, use a cotton swab with limiters or cotton flagella soaked sterile plant (warmed-water bath for 20 minutes) or paraffin oil. At the same time we must act cautiously, so as not to damage the lining of the nose.

Step 2:

The flagella of wool twisted this way: on a toothpick or a match wound cotton wool, but not tight, then pull out the match (toothpick) and flagellum twist tighter. It should immediately prepare more flagella, that they are always at hand.

Step 3:

If you are afraid to use sticks or flagella can simply drip nose akvamaris or other similar means, and just wait until the crust to soften and come yourself.

Step 4:

Sometimes the cause of dryness in the nose is hot and dry air, so try to be available in the children's room humidifier or simply put a bowl of water near the cot.

Step 5:

In the formation of crusts in the nose, some pediatricians advise giving plenty of drinking baby. Hot, but not too much, milk or tea will also help to soften the layer of crusts.

Step 6:

If, on the contrary, in the nose moist, the crumbs stuffy or runny nose, use a special suction bulb with a soft tip and aspirator. These devices must be used with great caution, as the pressure created by them can damage the blood vessels. Furthermore, it is not recommended to abuse suctions means, since they desiccate the nasal mucosa.