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How to conclude a contract for delivery

Birth contract is a contract between a pregnant woman and the insurance company. It is a policy of voluntary medical insurance (VMI) and gives the right to give birth in a paid department designated maternity hospital.

How to conclude a contract for delivery

Instruction as a contract for delivery

Step 1:

From birth in a free compartment hospital labor contract are more comfortable conditions, but on a personal agreement with the doctor - a guarantee of all stated in the contract services. That is, if any of the conditions are violated or not implemented in full, you have the right to demand their money through the courts.

Step 2:

Signed to 36 weeks of gestation. To do this, you first select the suitable maternity hospital. Choosing the hospital take into account the peculiarities of your pregnancy. There are maternity homes that are centers for the provision of obstetric care at a particular pathology of pregnancy. In addition to the specifics of the hospital, pay attention to the recommendations of friends, reviews in the press and on the forums of young mothers.

Step 3:

After selecting a maternity home refer to the insurance company, which cooperates with them. An insurance agent will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and will help you choose the best option to suit your requirements. Do not forget to indicate your chosen method of anesthesia during labor.

Step 4:

Before signing a contract, check with a health insurance company licensed to engage in health insurance, as well as the agreement of the organization with the maternity hospital you choose. Check the expiration date of the contract - suddenly it expires in a week, and your birth are planned in a month.

Step 5:

After payment you will receive the policy LCA, on the basis of which you are hospitalized is in your chosen hospital. Birth contract gives the right to choose a doctor who will monitor you to the birth, and later - to take your birth. According to the contract, after giving birth you are required to be placed in a separate ward.

Step 6:

According to the contract, you will be observed for a month after giving birth to your chosen medical facility. This means that if within a month after the birth you have a need for obstetrical consultation, you can get it. The insurance company is obliged to reimburse the costs associated with obstetric complications.